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Wide Or Narrow Hardwood Planks

Say something interesting about your business here.This depends on the room. For medium- and large-sized rooms, the wide-width hardwood flooring would probably be more appropriate to get the right look. Narrow-width planks would go well in a smaller sized room that you would like to add some depth (and length) to. Small-width planks in a diagonal pattern or across the room when it is extremely narrow.

Should I Choose Dark Or Light Hardwood Flooring

There are advantages to both. Dark hardwood flooring gives the entire room a more dramatic setting in addition to adding sophistication and just the right amount of richness. It generally provides a more formal appearance and is beneficial for a room that receives a large amount of natural sunlight. However, light hardwood flooring can brighten up a room when there isn’t a lot of sunlight and make it appear larger, which would be great in small rooms. Lighter flooring is more casual that darker flooring.

Can I Mix Hardwood Flooring With Tile Or Other Flooring Styles?

Absolutely! Hardwood can be used with other flooring types like stone to create a unique and elegant look. The design combinations are limited only by your imagination! Here is one recently done with hardwood and tile. The contrast in color and texture create a dynamic design. Use the same materials for other rooms to tie all the areas together beautifully.

Where To Use Hardwood Flooring

A long lasting floor that is both beautiful and durable, you won't go wrong with hardwood. The lifestyle considerations will determine the best style of hardwood to use, such as children and pets. For a durable floor that minimizes the visibility of scratches that can sometimes occur, we recommend getting a hand-scraped or wire brushed finish. A home with less wear and tear can go with a very high gloss finish and more consistent pattern for a more smooth and seamless appearance.

Benefits Of Hardwood

Longevity: A well-maintained and cared for hardwood floor will last for decades and can be used in any room in your house.    

Maintenance: Hardwood floors are simple to clean, don’t retain mildew or dust and are recommended for a “healthy home”    

 Eco-friendly: Recommended for allergy sensitive individuals and are renewable at the source and recyclable at disposal.     

Room Appeal: Wood flooring has natural character and warmth. It can enhance any style and complement furniture and design schemes.

Green Benefits Of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood is a great green flooring choice because of its natural, renewable, and recyclable properties. Not all hardwoods, however, are automatically environmentally friendly. The key is to look for the certification label or materials to verify that a product meets "green" standards.

 •Natural resource  

•Renewable and recyclable  

•Can be reclaimed  

•Forests are managed for replanting

Hard Floor Description

  • Width: hardwood boards come in a variety of widths from 2.25” to 5”. Boards that are less than 3” are referred to as strips and anything wider than 3” are called planks.  
  • Solid versus Engineered Hardwood: Solid wood is one solid piece of lumber that comes in a variety of thickness. Engineered wood is composed of multiple layers of real wood that are glued together. The engineered wood is more stable than solid wood because it can handle temperature fluctuations; which can cause the wood to expand or shrink. The engineered wood is 100% real wood and can also be sanded and refinished as solid wood.   
  • Edge detail: The way the edges of each hardwood boards are cut can make the completed room a different look. A square edge gives the floor a seamless look, while a beveled edge can accentuate individual boards.  “Amber” ing: All hardwood floors will change in color over time after being exposed to sunlight. This is called ambering and some woods do better than others. Some are also treated with UV protection. If you have areas of hardwood that did not get sunlight, you can expose these areas to “catch up” with the rest of the floor, but it will take as much time as it did for the exposed areas.    
  • Gloss: The gloss of the hardwood floor does not affect the quality or the pricing. It is personal preference whether to have a matte finish or high gloss. The only advantage maybe that scratches may be less noticeable in matte finishes over high gloss finishes.  Texture: the texture of the hardwood floor can be used to give a room a more casual or formal appearance. A popular hardwood floor today is hand-scraped, which has a very rustic look with an obvious organic texture. Even though it is called hand-scraped, not all are literally scraped by hand, others are done by a machine.