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Laminate floors combine a realistic impression of real hardwood, stone and tile with an extremely durable finish. Their close-to-nature appearance and the durability of this product have made them popular choices.


Laminate flooring provides a much cleaner and healthier living environment when compared to other floorings such as carpet, which have regular cleaning cycles. Also, Laminate flooring can be installed over floors like wood, tile, vinyl or linoleum because most of them are floating which means they do not fasten directly to the subfloor.

Good Value

Laminate flooring offers the best combination of quality and value in a wide range of colors, styles and designs and is engineered for exceptional strength and durability that can be used for both commercial and residential areas. Laminate floors are a very good choice for an active, healthy home.

Green Benefits Of Laminate

Since laminate is made from paper, there is no harvesting of old growth hardwood trees as there is for wood floors. Laminate is a practical and beautiful flooring choice for any room in your home with the same look and health benefits as real hardwood flooring. Because laminate is made primarily from recycled wood and other wood derivatives, it is the ideal choice for the environmentally cautious. 

•Free of solvents and wood preservatives

  •Can be destroyed with no danger to environment  

•Made from recycled materials

  •Resins and dyes in laminate are water-based