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•Low maintenance  


•Design flexibility  

•Wear resistant  

Tile Layout  

Placement of tiles in varying patterns can create visual interest. Lay one size of tile along the outside of the walls horizontally and then begin laying the other size tile at an angle to create more detail. You could continue with this same second size or once you get halfway, switch back for a couple feet (or the same width as the border), switch back to the second size and then finish off with a tile or two of the border size in the middle. The two tiles can also be of different colors to really bring attention to the floor.

Tile Sizes 

Use varying sizes of tile to or place tiles at different angles to increase the visual appearance overall. In order to make a room appear larger, try using larger sized tiles. In addition, lay them in a diamond pattern. Because the tips are the widest points of each tile, it creates an illusion of a bigger area.  

Tile Color  

As with any other type of flooring, lighter colored tile always seems to brighten up a room and make it appear larger while darker colored tile will cozy up a room and cause it to feel smaller.

Tile Styles or Textures  

Purchase different colors and/or sizes – and alternate them when laying them. This will not only add color to the room but also create emphasis on the style.   

Mix the Finishes  

Just as tile comes in a variety of colors and sizes, they also come in a wide array of textures. Purchase the same color in a tile, but several different textures. Lay them randomly or in a specific pattern. This will achieve a restrained yet elegant depth.   

Use Accent Pieces

 While common to use only plain, solid colored ceramic tiles in the home, why not create more interest and have tiles that have artwork or different designs, be it a flower or vine or even some kind of art deco pattern.

Tile Designs For Floors And Above

Tiles can be placed on a variety of surfaces including, but not limited to, walls, backsplashes, countertops, tabletops, and flooring. Dating well back thousands of years to Ancient Egypt, tiles come in a wide array of sizes from as small as one-inch to upwards of 20 inches. They also come in a number of shapes with the most common being rectangular, square and octagonal. Tile has a natural beauty and is extremely durable, which is why many homeowners choose tile for their home. Make the most of the endless design potential tile offers with these tips.